5. Shop Report


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Your group has chosen a case study to ask a question related to fashion promotion. You have discussed how using a case study effects asking research questions and identifying research. You have read research methods material on case studies.

Your task is to evaluate your case study using a valid research question, a “scouting” of relevant approaches and academic research, and research into your case study, including visual material. You should create a 5-minute presentation, for two-weeks-time, which a) identifies the what and why of your case study; b) rationalises your choice of research question and approaches; c) show and analyse a range of visual material using and quoting from research.


VISIT SHOP REPORT: A shop report based on your sensory review of a store of your choice.

The retail experience communicates a picture of lifestyle and tastes and aesthetics and consumerist attitudes that map the philosophy of a designer, yet operates in overlapping and different spheres.

Your task is to visit two of the following locations and undertake a compare and contrast report that you publish on your blogs:

  • Dover Street Market (Hay Market)
  • A ‘designer’ shop in Bond Street
  • Topshop (Oxford Circus)
  • Traid (Camden, Dalston, Brixton, Hammersmith or Shepard’s Bush)

Keep in mind the following:

  • Who is the target market? Describe the customers you see at the outlets visited. Pay close attention to their age, gender, style of dress.
  • How does your sensual experience of the store (sight, hearing, touch, smell and on occasion taste) relate to the experience you think this store wants their customers to have?
  • How does the shopping environment communicate a sense of identity about the brand through its designed space (and architecture), through to how the clothing is displayed. How do customers navigate and interact with the space?
  • How do customers ‘perform’ their shopping experience?’
  • How is the physical store connected to its online presence?
  • Keep an eye out for trend, lookout for similarities you notice in each of the fashion outlets you visit and begin to form ‘rationale’ as to why you think they are or will become a trend.

Ready for presentation to the class in week 6

Useful TIPS:

  • Your photographs of both locations are important but always ask for permission first
  • When touching items, be careful and considerate as you are responsible for damage.
  • Do not go to the same location en masse, this will distract from that venue carrying on its business and draw attention to what you are doing (be discreet researchers!)
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions of the staff, but be aware they are not critical theorists.
  • Although this is an unsupervised visit, you have a duty to uphold the reputations of this Fashion Cultures option, LCC and UAL generally. Please be respectful to all people and to the environment.