Memories of a Bowie Conference: 12. Psychodelicate girl, come out to play


Tanja Stark Artist Talk: From the Sublime to the Ridiculous: David Bowie and the Allure of Paradox

SPEAKER Stark is an artist also working as a counsellor and creative consultant to not-for-profit services Australia

bowiedollsSYNOPSIS In this art talk, Stark discusses her Bowie Matyoshkas (Russian dolls), which illustrated the conference poster, and her drawing mannequins as iconic Bowie incarnations from Halloween Jack to Screaming Lord Byron. Her exhibition includes a collection of David Bowie Fan Club archive which was displayed under the title Because You’re Young: The Pop Ephemera of a Teenage Bowie Fan. Her presentation explores ideas of synchronicity, childhood fascination and creative/destructive transformation against the backdrop of Bowie’s oeuvre.

Because You're Young (Scary Monsters demo) from Vampires of Human Flesh

KEY QUOTE ‘Bowie’s oeuvre, with its prevailing ideas of alienation and other worldliness, dovetailed with the apocalyptic anxiety of my Baptist childhood; Major Tom’s trajectory like a perpetually incomplete rapture, neither worldly or heavenly, but some purgatorally cursed space in between’

Confronting Bowie’s Mysterious Corpses
Crashing Out with Sylvian

NEXT UP I’m under Japanese influence. Helene Thian

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